Unique rooms tailored for your needs

Choose from 10 unique rooms

 Since every men is different, in our Villa there are different rooms. We have designed different interiors so  everyone can find  their favorite.

We don't make compromise. This is exactly why you can book a specific room when booking your room, so you are sure to get the room you have chosen. Our rooms are divided into 3 types and you can see these types in detail on our subpages, such as: Standard Double, Deluxe Double and Family Rooms.

  • 10 separate rooms divided into standard / deluxe and family types
  • 7 comfortable parking spaces in our own closed yard
  • private garden and terrace with seating area
  • design kitchen with extra facilities
  • more than 100 sqm common areawith board games and books
  • convenient key-less electric gate / door opening with numeric codes

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

-unknown writer-